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When a part of our body feels out of balance, we can look to the qualities of that sign to see what area of our life needs to be addressed. And also, you can take preventive health measures by simply strengthening the areas of your body related to certain signs in your astrological chart.

Each member of our Zodiac will have a unique message for this next 7 year chapter as Uranus will occupy a new area of your sky map starting May The Full Moon in Scorpio is a lantern you hold to Light your way through this crossroads in life. A re-alignment with your life purpose will be necessary as the full moon angles the karmic nodes…. The New York Times just mentioned my practice and quoted me in this piece about the role of astrology in today's world. It is in Saturdays paper in print as well. Thank you Alexandra Levine for the fantastic work on this. Tonight the New Moon in Libra will expose the imbalance in your relationship, revealing the abuse that was swept under the rug.

For years, centuries and millennia, we have ignored and kept hush about these traumas that have somehow become commonplace.

Total Solar ECLIPSE, March 8-9, 2016: Surrender & Abundance [Astrology Numerology]

On October 10th, Jupiter our planet of luck and expansion, entered the sign of Scorpio. So obviously this will be magnificent if you are a Scorpio.

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Still, Jupiter in Scorpio brings a cornucopia of luck and glimmering potential to some aspect of your life. Get the scoop on what Jupiter in Scorpio will mean for you. Each sign has a unique message for this Harvest Moon. The New Moon in Virgo will arrive on September 20 and invites you to focus on your unique super power. Own it. Then begin to clear out all of the things from your life that pull you away from that. Strategize, scale and make your life more efficient so you can simply do what you do best.

From color, to style, texture and moon - here's a quick-guide to decorating that I just published with Vogue. Today as Mercury enters it's home sign Virgo, and the Moon enters Taurus, we are finally landing from all the wild eclipse energy of August.

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There is no better time than the present to dry off, and step with one foot in front of the other into your new direction that is finally coming into a clear focus. Gotta Love Mercury Direct. She asked me stellar questions and we had fun in the process. Best way to do anything! Detroit free Press Interviews me and other prominent astrologers about the upcoming Eclipse, historical cycles, and the future of our nation. On August 21, , a solar eclipse will occur on the exact point in the sky as the star Regulus.

This brings into sharp relief the strange destiny of Donald Trump. Eclipse Season means that change is inevitable and once you that take a leap of courage, your previous reality will soon dissolve. If you hesitate and hold fast to the past, the rug will be pulled from beneath anyway. So change is a non-negotiable and usually a good thing during this time of year We talk about whats in store for Oscar Nominees in the year ahead and how their chances at winning look for Feb 26 the Solar Eclipse in Pisces!

Solar eclipse of March 29, 1903

In photo, Bette Davis winning the Oscar for best actress in Jezebel Oz invited me to his show to speak on the connection between astrology and health. He also features our book 'Your Body and the Stars'. Loved being on the show! See the full episode here. Each sign has a horoscope and a power plant.

Astrology is the language of energy and when our passion planets change sign, so does the love language. Find out what the November Stars will say about your love life here. Jupiter entered Libra in September, though the planet of luck just made a grand entrance on October 1 flanked by the Sun and Moon, initiating his year long stay in the sign of 'partnerships'. Sure, we are all made from stardust, though very different kinds of it, as we are all a different sign of the zodiac with a totally different birth chart. So here is a stellar work-out guide tailored for you and your Zodiac sign.

Love that we have a Moon in Scorpio for Halloween! We chat on how I became an astrologer and the co-creation of this book 'Your Body and the Stars'. By surrounding yourself with certain plants in your home and garden, you can in fact conjure in the planetary energy to change your life in a desired way. One simple way is. I grew up learning astrology with my step-mother, and I simply could not get enough.

As soon as I opened my first book on the subject, I knew that this was going to change my life in a profound way. Here was a timeless and symbolic language that seemed to describe all the happenings in our lives.

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What's your Wedding Style? Though I do think your Sun sign, Venus and rising sign all factor when it comes to stylistic decisions. September Stars! See what this month has in store for you - Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde and how rock this. Eclipses are masterful at cleaning house in your life, your work, and your relationships, as they have a way of directly addressing what is not in harmony with your Truth.

The initial 'partner eclipse' will occur mid-August and this will punctuate the breaking or making of a bond for you. If a relationship has been wavering, you seem to be getting the absolute clarity one way or the other. You must trust the way things 'land'. Ruled by the Moon, you are innately synced up to all cycles in nature, the ocean tides, and especially the different phases and signs of the Moon.

Read on to find out what this year has in store for you. Discover here what the June Stars will say about you! Eclipses will strike at the top and bottom of your chart in — showing that you are due for a massive shake-up in both areas of career and home and the pieces will all land in a very different place then they appear for you at this moment. Love will be your headliner this year.

Being a Venus-ruled babe, you may be pleased to know that lucky Jupiter is now spending quality time in the area of your chart which rules romance, fertility and creativity. This happens every 12 years. Mercury is due to go retrograde at the start of the new year, from January 5 through January Our resident astrologer, Rebecca Gordon, shares exactly what's in store for you here:.

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Four astrologers share why they chose the star-studded career path. Western Astrology is quite Solar based though the Moon reveals stories of the soul, you day to day comfort levels and what your needs are in relationships. Planets are teachers. I was talking with my friend Gabby last week about how such regular cosmic happenings like say, a retrograde have often turned into 'freak out and.

It all comes back to the fact the Universe just wants you to be you. And all of these transits are nudging you towards that evolution September is a month brimming with arousing quality and energy for Scorpions. Eclipse Season is a sacred time of Year as the seeds of change will be ripe for flipping the script in your life. A Solar Eclipse is.

Choices you made over the last 2 months regarding love may well seem strange to you now. The fog lifts today, at last. Certainly something. Text from the ex? That's not all VenusRx is about. TripleCheck everything darlings. Going away for the weekend? Make sure. Hello Stardust Beauties! Listen for your Sun Sign and Rising. May will beckon for you to put on the brakes and take in the scenery. Not your usual MO?

Mercury enters Sagittarius

This month is full of signs and signals that you must slow down enough in order to get This eclipse is about reclaiming your emergence from the womb. Your right to be here on the planet, right here and now. It is time to emerge, stand up and dry off. Happy Solar Eclipse in Pisces! While your extremely adept on managing a budget, the last few weeks may have thrown you for a financial surprise.

You are a pure representation of the spirit and flesh of your birth moment in Cosmos energy translated into matter. However, you can walk it any way you choose. Back Offerings Book Satya Jewelry. Articles, Press, and Blog by Rebecca Gordon. Dec 2, Nov 26, New Moon in Sagittarius. Nov 21, Nov 19, Nov 11, Full Moon in Taurus.

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Nov 8, Financial Times Star power: the strange rebirth of astrology. Oct 31, Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio.