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Lilith in Sagittarius. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Sagittarius if you were born between these dates: 30—06——25—03— 06—05——29—01— 11—03——04—12— 15—01——09—10— 19—11——14—08— 25—09——20—06— 31—07——25—04— 05—06——29—02— 11—04——04—01— 15—02——09—11— Lilith in the sign of the archer is the quintessential rock chick! You probably fantasise about being a rockstar or at least having sex with one — or preferably many — whilst on a drunken tour around the world.

Your shadow is that of an insatiable party animal, an adventurer, a braggart and saboteur. Should your button be pressed, you take reckless risks, preach propaganda and get pretty liberal with the truth. Lilith in Capricorn. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Capricorn if you were born between these dates: 21—05——13—02— 26—03——20—12— 30—01——25—10— 05—12——30—08— 10—10——05—07— 15—08——11—05— 21—06——16—03— 26—04——20—01— 28—02——24—11— 04—01——30—09— 10—11——06—08— Lilith riding the horned goatfish is one horny and power-hungry chick!

Power turns you on big time, as does a big fat bank account with rising numbers. Should your button be pressed you turn calculatingly machiavellian, outmanoeuvring your opponent at every turn. Lilith in Aquarius. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Aquarius if you were born between these dates: 14—02— —11— 21—12——15—09— 26—10——20—07— 31—08——26—05— 06—07——31—03— 12—05——04—02— 17—03——10—12— 21—01——15—10— 20—11——20—08— 01—10——27—06— 07—05——03—05— Lilith in the cool waterbearer becomes an alien chick from outer space!

Cool and aloof, others are drawn to your weirdness.

Eclipses 2019 - 2020 - Powerful Turning Points

You like to experiment and can be pretty detached sexually. Your shadow is that of a rebel, a fanatic and an anarchist. You can be maddeningly reckless if you feel that your freedom is threatened and once your button is pressed, you rain down chaos and disruption to your oppressors. Lilith in Pisces. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Pisces if you were born between these dates: 10—11——06—08— 16—09——10—06— 21—07——16—04— 27—05——19—02— 01—04——26—12— 05—02——31—10— 11—12——05—09— 16—10——11—07— 21—08——17—05— 27—06——22—03— 04—05——27—01— Your shadow is that of a master illusionist and deceiver, a madman, escapist and drug-addict.

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Source: horoscopefriends. Become a member. Sign in. Get started. Astrology Horoscopes Spirituality. We take pride in providing the most accurate horoscopes. We strive to create high quality content. Our hope is that you will get to know yourself better. Write the first response. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. About Help Legal. For example, as soon as the Pisces-Virgo series of eclipses are done on February 26, , that series will not be back until September 17, While the family of signs will repeat sooner than that, in about seven or eight years, they will appear in different mathematical degrees than they did recently.

However if you go back 19 years and look at the series of eclipses that arrived that year, you may be astounded to see that all of them will be nearly identical in the family of sign, mathematical degree and precise date it arrived. Keep in mind that the other planets in the sky will have since changed position, so no year is ever a carbon copy of any other year.

Still, by looking back 19 years, you may be able to come up with a theme that will teach you something. The most dramatic example I can give you is one that affected me. My daughter, Diana, was to go to college for the first time on an eclipse that fell August It was the day her father was driving her to Boston College, and I was a little worried because there was an eclipse that day. I was hoping all would go well, that the drive there would be uneventful, and that Diana would like her dorm room. I thought, well, I can look back 19 years. How could the previous eclipse in the same sign and degree of 19 years ago possibly affect her, or me?

I did the math and realized, much to my shock, that 19 years earlier, to the precise day, I had found out I was pregnant with her. The first eclipse, 19 years earlier, taught me to be a mother. I was now learning to be a mother again in a different way, by letting my little bird fly away independently.

As I realized this, I got goose bumps all over. The universe runs on time and is a source of vast wisdom. I will never forget the moment I realized this! As said, sometimes it is helpful to look back to those years to see what themes e emerged at that time so that you can predict what might come up for you now. Just take 19 years from the present and look up to see what happened at eclipse time from the table below.

So for example, your birthday falls on February An eclipse is coming February 26, , or you were born on August 26, exactly six months away. Watch January 26 one month earlier , plus or minus five days, and one month later, March 26, plus or minus five days. Let me give you a visual idea of what I mean.

April 19 full moon libra

Later, when Mars, the warrior planet, takes the same route as the eclipse did and reaches that scab, at the same mathematical degree and sign as the eclipse, something may happen. Being the rough and tumble guy that Mars is known to be, he will break that scab open and the news of the eclipse would be released. This may also happen if Mars is in the opposite sign of the eclipse but same degree.

Saturn, being a karmic planet, can do the same if he is close enough and is due to travel over the same path, same sign, and same degree. I thought you might like to know how I calculate things for you! Your judgment may be impaired, or pieces of information may be missing, so bargain for more time to think about your decision or next action.

You may want to wait seven days before deciding, but that is not always possible. If someone comes to you with a proposal, consider it carefully. If after looking at it from all sides you like it, then proceed, but try to beg for just a little extra time. Keep your schedule light because urgent things often come up at eclipse time that will need your immediate attention.

You may see your life change as a result. Get expert help if necessary, or hire helpers in your own personal life if you need more hands on deck.

That Blue Moon may not really be...!

An eclipse may bring news suddenly, but it takes weeks to understand its real meaning. If you should suffer under an eclipse, consider that perhaps that situation is being swept away so that the universe can provide you with something better. Be patient and keep an open mind.

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In the fluid situation it creates you can find ways to benefit. Here is one example.

Types of Blue Moons Explained

Mary has worked at the same company 15 years and does her job well. Her raises have been so little as to be almost non-existent, but she was so loyal to her employer she would never think of leaving. Now comes the eclipse and she is downsized. Mary is terribly upset, worried about how she will pay her rent, and if you asked Mary, she would say that the effect of the eclipse on her has been catastrophic. However, the universe, in its wisdom, knows Mary can parlay her experience and qualifications for a much more interesting and well-paying job.

The universe clears her basket so it can provide her with something infinitely better.

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In two months, Mary found a wonderful new job, and she only then realized what a blessing in disguise the eclipse had brought her. Eclipses can show you that you are capable of much more than you assumed. You may be offered a chance to write a book or to record an album, for example or head up an entire department of your company. Eclipses sometimes will suddenly open a door, and it would be one that was previously bolted shut and impossible to enter. Here is a good analogy of an eclipse. You are riding a horse in unfamiliar, beautiful terrain.

Distracted by the lovely scenery, you completely forget about the fence until it looms suddenly, straight in front of you. It is so much bigger than the trainer let on — this fence is huge. You cannot imagine going over that fence and surviving! This is a big stretch for you! Yet, it would be something you wish you could do, but in panic, you try to pull on the reins of the horse to try to stop him.

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However, the horse has been trained to jump, and before you know it, you are flying through the air over a fence you feel is scary high. Each second you are in the air you feel you are moving in slow motion, for as up, up you go and over the massive stone fence. Remember I had said earlier, eclipses play with your sense of time.

The horse is doing the jump for you. You land perfectly. The horse is fine and so are you — but you feel very shaky and breathless, and you are counting your fingers and toes. You did it! You feel proud! That is often the experience of an eclipse. The eclipses that will touch you are the ones that are mathematically significant to your natal Sun, moon, and planets. Those are the ones that touch the same degree or are close to it of your Sun, moon, or one or two planets in that part of the sky on the day you were born.

In each chapter and on my website , be sure to check the birthdates and degree of the eclipse that I will mention in association with each eclipse. It is true that eclipses in a family of signs that highlight your Sun sign will be vitally important. Typically we will get six to eight eclipses in any one series family of signs in an tomonth period, but you may only feel two or three of those, not all six or eight.

The other eclipses, in any series, may have only a mild effect, or none at all. Unless you know astrology, it is hard to tell you how that eclipse will affect you. It would be wise for you to keep a little notebook of events that happen near each eclipse and the sign, date, and degree of each eclipse because in time you will see a pattern every time that planet, your Sun, or moon is visited by an eclipse.