Rat monthly horoscope

Singles could find a soul mate now. This is an excellent time for all Rats to socialize and network because a new romance or friendship could form. However, those already in a relationship must be alerted to temptation and avoid it to maintain your already happy partnership.

Love and Marriage for Chinese Rat Zodiac

See our Love charms. Rats need to use caution this month. The 5 Yellow Misfortune Star arrives and brings with it the threat of negativity around every corner. The presence of this wu wang is a good time to avoid risks and stay out of the spotlight. Fortunately, your life force is good and will help provide strength to combat the 5. It can be attached to a purse or used as a keychain. Adding Metal energy in the form of wearing white or metallic colors can help provide balance now, and avoid wearing red or yellow which could heat up fiery energy.

The less you socialize at work, the better. If you have vacation time, this is a good chance to use it! More Feng Shui products to subdue 5 Misfortune Flying Star Love and romance suffer now and small misunderstandings could escalate into major arguments.

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You would do well to walk away from a discussion or let your partner win a point, rather than trying to assert your beliefs right now. Students also have issues with angry energy and unfortunate encounters with parents or fellow students.

Chinese Horoscope - Year of the Rat

See our Feng Shui Love charms. A highly auspicious time for Rats with the doubling of the 4 Peach Blossom Star.

Relationships of all types — business and personal — flourish during this time. It will still require your best effort to achieve all that you desire, but everything is within reach. Network, socialize and be open to camaraderie that can further your goals. Singles who are playing the field will have no shortage of admirers and could find a special someone, perhaps in an unexpected way. For students, the 4 represents scholastic luck so studies are productive and could lead to an honor or scholarship opportunity.

This is particularly true for the year-old Earth Rat and the year-old Fire Rat. The 3 Quarrelsome Star makes its presence known this month, bringing anger and temper tantrums unless Rats keep this energy under control. This is important because with the 3 Star there is a possibility of a legal issue arising from anger issues. Working alone, on something you are familiar with, is a wise choice now. Adding Fire energy to your environment is a feng shui suggestion to tame negativity. And wearing the color red or using it as a decorative accent at home or work also tames anger.

More Feng Shui products to tame the 3 Quarrelsome Flying Star Because of the negative energy, friendships and relationships are at risk. Singles should wait a bit before expecting to find someone special; if you date, keep it carefree. Committed Rats would do well to avoid participating in a disagreement with a partner because it could escalate into something more serious and potentially damaging. Spending time on your own might prove more relaxing this month. See our Love luck charms. This affects your productivity and leaves you vulnerable to setbacks. Get better rest, eat healthier and limit alcohol.

This is especially true for year-old Water Rats or year-old Metal Rats. Work deadlines could be hard to meet, so adjust your schedule and workload. Be content with current projects instead of taking on new ones. Look to the future rather than trying to make everything happen at once. One source of relief and joy comes from friends and family. Mend a broken friendship if possible and seek out company to bring you joy.

The Friendship Amulet can be carried to attract friendship luck. Those in a love relationship can find support and emotional comfort from a partner. But singles should wait a bit to search for love — your energy is not strong enough now. See our Love luck Feng Shui charms.

Luck is much improved for Rats this month with the arrival of the 1 Victory Star. Opportunities present themselves and you have the increased energy and enthusiastic desire to take advantage of them.

Monthly Horoscope For rat

Make solid plans and figure out what actions to take to reach goals. If you know you want more happiness on a personal level, think of ways to seek out a new friend or spend more time with an existing one. Attend social activities to perhaps meet a new romantic interest. If you want more money in your life, set a timeline for increasing income and think of ways you can reach that financial goal. Although this is quite an egotistical route to take, this sign will feel driven and unable to even contemplate another passage. Others will be unable to deter these people in this pathway, though many could try.

This sign should try not to be so focused on himself that he neglects the necessities of his family and close friends.

Your Monthly Horoscope

He may find people need his wisdom and even his practical help. This is a naturally intuitive zodiac sign and will instinctively know if he has been too out of touch with folk that hold him in high regard. It will be in his interests not to cut himself off completely from family members and close friends. The Rat may need reminding of this by close friends who can see the potential rift forming.

In social circles, this sign is likely to build up a whole new network of friends. He will love this and relish the many social interactions that become possible because of it. His quick wit and engaging sense of humour will attract people naturally towards him. He should be warned not to take advantage of some that follow him. He may want to pursue those who are less willing, but the thrill will be in the chase, not in the prize. These folk could move house this year and will be grateful to others who help and assist in making this process smooth-running.

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There could be complications with the moving process that others can help this person evade. He should be grateful to knowledgeable friends. These men and women are naturally charming and witty which mean they find it easy to make new friends, even if this is entirely on a superficial level. In relationships, there is likely to be a new and exciting growth period in , my Chinese Rat horoscope insight reveals. This sign could meet highly compatible and interesting people and will feel immediately at home with them.

I foresee many choices and lots of opportunities if looking for romance.