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I''''''''m an Intuitive and experienced Psychic Reader. Lovesean03 in pisces daily love horoscope leo libra scorpio aries taurus on 9 Oct I am love and relationship. If someone trusts you with their dirty laundry, shove that into some dark dresser and shut it for good. Intuition is heightened now, so do trust your sixth sense. The 3rd also finds Pluto direct after months of retrograde action. Going forward, look for ways you can make changes in your life — or for the collective.

What kind of world do you want to live in? Think of that — and be ready to transform the old, outworn, and outdated. Secrets emerge, and the people are moving into their places for a showdown of sorts. Brace yourself as the next few months unfold. A change or reckoning is on the way. Mars enters Libra on the 4th. This is not the best placement for Mars. While it can bring justice, it can also lend to passive-aggressive behavior and indecision.

Take a deep breath and try to remain diplomatic. Sometimes you have to take a stand, even if it means being unpopular. Instead: doing the right thing is IN. Mars in Libra can also bring legal battles.

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Be prepared to defend your self vigorously. Get a good attorney. Romance gets scorching when Venus slips into Scorpio on the 8th. This marks a few weeks where intimacy is on the front burner. Get vulnerable with the one you love. Put bedtime on the menu. Cue the mood music and serve it up hot.

In other words: get it ON. A Full Moon in Aries on the 13th is most excellent for fresh starts. The fruit from your hard labor is here.


Collect the harvest and then pull the weeds to prepare the soil for new beginnings. The Sun will be in Scorpio on the 23rd, which means we now have three planets circling around this intense sign. Desire and depth are in vogue. No more doing things halfway. You can get in deep — and ferret out secrets. Scorpio elevates passion — so these few weeks could find people in their feelings. That can lead to intense connections — or fights. Watch out for vindictive behavior at this time.

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If you are hell-bent on revenge, you could end up poisoning your own well. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th is fabulous for getting your financial house in order once and for all.

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Start that new budget. Put your bills together. Set up an appointment with a trusted advisor. Ask for a loan. Any or all of those activities could create the proper vibe for future security. October ends on a bang when Mercury stations retrograde on the 31st. Over the next three weeks, communication goes dark. Everyone is touchy, and the potential for drama is through the roof.

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Secrets emerge that could do severe damage. Watch your reputation and stay far away from shit disturbers and big mouths. And as always: back up your computer, slow down, and prepare for travel delays if you are hitting the road. I would also add: do NOT sign contracts or buy new tech during this time. Guide for the Astro-Curious. Available everywhere books are sold on October 1st! Jupiter is looming large in your 9th house and soon to hit the exit — making autumn the right time for long-distance journeys and pre-holiday vacations.

Where do you want to go? Grab your tickets and run! Better yet, bring along a partner. A busy 7th house makes this a divine month for connecting with the one you love.


Talk things out when Mercury slides into your 8th house on the 3rd. This creates the perfect climate for in-depth discussions and plenty of pillow talk. Results: closeness like never before. Pluto will also be direct on the 3rd, allowing you to step into your power at work as the rest of the year unfolds. You can inspire others now through your example.

see url Mars in your 7th house on the 4th gives you even more leadership vibes. The possibility for hotter sex increases when Venus joins Mercury in your 8th house on the 8th. The sizzle is real, yo. A Full Moon on the 13th in your sign is most excellent for updating your social media profiles. The 23rd is the start of a financial makeover when the Sun enters your 8th house.

The weeks that follow are your green light to get on top of your money. Set a new budget, manage your taxes, and speak to a financial advisor if need be. The New Moon on the 27th is fabulous for a complete financial reboot. Start your debt repayment plan, update your will, or begin a new side hustle. Mercury is retrograde beginning on the 31st, and this one could bring misunderstandings with your partner, financial missteps, and unexpected expenses.

Some of your dirty laundry could also come out for public consumption. Sure, a scandal can get attention but is this the spotlight you want? Taurus: Work matters need your attention this month, dear Taurus. Thankfully, a bevy of planets in your 6th house at the beginning of October make this a slam dunk for you. Your leadership will inspire others and keep the ball rolling.

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  • Mercury will enter your partnership zone on the 3rd, which means your communication skills are on the rise. Better yet, Mars will blitz into your 6th house on the 4th, helping you to find the right mix between polite and assertive. This will amp up your bargaining skills. Get your romance on when Venus slips into your 7th house on the 8th. The Full Moon on the 13th is your best day this month for a retreat. If you can, schedule in a self-care day. It will keep you recharged for the rest of October.

    Dynamic people enter your life starting on the 23rd when the Sun joins Venus in your 7th house.