Chart number 17 on my birthday

Theoretical, clever, humanitarian. They are hard-working people with strong wills.

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Spades are the suit of experience. They can be very concerned with power. Positively, they express self-discipline and the ability to apply themselves. Negatively, they may be too focused on the process and lose sight of the need for higher meaning. Aces are leaders. Ambitious, energetic, motivated, and dynamic. They are independent people who easily initiate new projects. If expressed negatively, they can be over-bearing, impatient, and self-centered.

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Twos are considerate, cooperative, receptive, and agreeable. They go out of their way to lead a balanced, peaceful, and harmonious life. If expressed negatively, they may be dependent, indecisive, overly subjective, and lacking in willpower. Threes are creative, sociable, self-expressive, humorous, fun-loving, resourceful, and clever.

They are restless, versatile people who seek variety.

They need channels for their ideas, or else they can be prone to worry and indecision. Fours are grounded, realistic, committed, reserved, hard-working, and security-conscious. They can be micro-managers, very caught up in details. They look for stability and security. Too much change in their lives feels overwhelming.

Fives are intelligent, restless, adventurous, creative, and freedom-loving. They are multi-taskers who are witty, enterprising, and enthusiastic. If expressed negatively, they can be inconsistent, unreliable, and too easily bored. Sixes seek balance. They are home-loving, caring, loving, artistic, and dependable.

They can be complacent, allowing their lives to get into ruts as they wait for things to happen to them. Sevens are sensitive, faithful, intuitive, spontaneous, idealistic, and spiritual. They can be too dreamy to the point of expecting too much from others and from life. If expressed negatively, they can be withdrawn, confused, and self-absorbed. Eights are goal-oriented and strong.

What was the Australian No 1 at that time please? We don't list any music for this year, its too likely to need correcting later. You can navigate to Nov with the dates at the top of the month pages.

We would suggest you look at the sources on Wikipedia that are listed at the foot of each month's page. If you are looking for charts since the year there are some sites that provide that. If you want side by side charts from before that we suspect you are out of luck.

We find it hard enough to create charts that gather the information and consolidate by year. The sources for various charts are listed on the "Source Charts" page, you could try and create such a resource yourself. Follow the year link at the top of this page, then select the month you want on the third row of the next page. Your considerate and respectful approach do your country proud.

UK number one today, October 09 12222

I can't see where the reputation of Australians as rude and crass comes from. We don't have any Japanese charts from before If you find any we'd like to add them. We don't know, that's not the kind of data we keep too recent and specific. In US,, UK,,?? I was born on june 13 Find a site that delivers that service or look in Wikipedia, all the links you need are listed here and on the "Source Charts" page. As it explains on the chart listing we don't have any information for Spain between and There are a number of number 1 lists on Wikipedia, you could start there.

The "Song Charts" page lists the sources of most of the charts we have here, going through those would add some extra ones. Thanks xx. This is a solid, secure, protected environment. This would be a great place for investments, whether it is related to properties, stocks, finances, or even your education. Discipline, structure, and responsibility are supported here.

Karmic Numbers: What your birthday says about your past Karmic Debt

If you are growing your business, finances or family, this is a great home for you. This is a wonderful place if you prefer stability to change, or at least want your home to be conventional, even if the rest of your life is adventurous! You might find yourself working too hard or getting too bogged down in your to-do list, particularly if you live in a 13 home, which is a karmic lesson number.

Since 4 relates to structure, you want to make sure the physical frame and foundation of your home are in good shape. If you love to socialize this is the place for you! Perfect for those who love to travel, meet new people, try new things, and enjoy your freedom. You might find this to be a temporary home rather than a permanent one. Because 5 promotes variety and change, you might find it difficult to make up your mind or focus on practical matters.

You might find yourself over-indulging in food, sex, or alcohol, especially if your home ads up to 14, which is a karmic lesson number. Avoid a 5 home if you are prone to addiction of any sort. If you maintain your discipline and stay focused on your personal goals, you will find the right balance. Perfect for families, couples, or artists, this home will inspire beauty, love and harmony.

Your home is truly your sanctuary.

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People will feel immediately welcome when they walk into your home because of the balanced energy. It is best to have art and beauty around you, so you would want to decorate your home with pretty colors, comfortable furniture, and plants. You will feel the need to nurture and take care of others, so children and animals thrive here. Almost every type of person can feel happy in a 6 home.

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You are very lucky to live here! Challenges: Since 6 promotes family responsibility you might find yourself spending too much time taking care of everyone else, and not enough time nurturing yourself. Make sure you are listening to your needs first before rushing and doing things for other people. You might find yourself liking being at home so much you never want to leave!

If you are a mystic, writer, researcher, or spiritual seeker of any sort, you will love living here. It inspires deep thought, reflection, and powerful insight. If you love to come home and have quiet time to read, reflect and restore, you will thrive here! You can have some thrilling spiritual and intellectual insights here, so it is a wonderful home to promote dramatic shifts in your consciousness.

Challenges: If you like entertaining, or love to party, you can find yourself going a little stir-crazy. You might find it too isolating or lonely at times. You can change the vibration of the address by adding a number inside your door, but avoid adding a 1 since that would contribute to the solitary nature of your home. Make sure to take good care of your roof and make all necessary repairs, since 7 homes are prone to roof damage — particularly if it is an address that adds up to 16, which is a karmic lesson number.

Since 7s love to escape, you would want to avoid this address if you are prone to alcohol or drug addictions.